We make three lines of mattresses: the Classic Tufted line is our traditional bed, the mattress and box spring are designed to work together for classic, long-lasting comfort. The Natural Tufted is our luxury line, built for consumers that want premium, natural materials, and works well on both a classic box spring or on a platform bed. We also make Basic Tufted mattresses for day beds, Murphy beds, rollaways etc.

With nearly 120 years of experience building quality mattresses in San Francisco, McRoskey Mattress Company utilizes thoughtful craftsmanship and simple materials to ensure long-term bedtime comfort.


San Francisco Factory
We proudly make every McRoskey mattress, box spring, comfort enhancer and foundation at our San Francisco factory. Combined, our craftspeople have centuries of experience building comfortable beds. To see how we make our mattresses, comfort enhancers and box springs, pleasecome take a Factory Tour.

McRoskey Mattress Co. is a founding member of SF Made, and celebrates and promotes local manufacturing.


Luxuriant filling materials
In our Classic Tufted mattresses, we use generous amounts of organic staple cotton and a bit of polyester fiber filling. Both sides of the innerspring unit are upholstered with layer upon layer of this heavenly batting. In our Natural Tufted mattresses we use an abundance of wool and two layers of 100% Natural Talalay latex for an extra comfort layer.


Woven 100% Cotton Ticking
We proudly use a woven, all-cotton (USA made!) ticking to encase our mattresses. We believe that it is the best material for wicking away moisture and ensuring breathability, which contributes to cool, restful sleep.


McRoskey Airlets
Edward McRoskey thought that the breathability of a mattress was so important, that he added brass eyelets - christened Airlets - tiny reinforced holes throughout the mattress sidewalls to provide ventilation throughout the mattress. We're still using machines like the ones he invented at our factory today because ventilation and sleeping cool are still important to quality sleep.


Tufting is a tried and true construction technique that holds the many layers of filling materials in place with a durable thread. Tufting our mattresses allows for maximal sleeping comfort, and ensures mattress longevity through it's enhanced durability. Believing in the superiority of a tufted mattress, Edward L. McRoskey patented a series of tufting machines in the 1930's and 1940's - and we continue to tuft to this day!


Traditionally made two-sided mattresses provide comfort for years longer than modern one-sided mattresses. This is because people can flip and rotate their mattresses, spreading cumulative wear across all of the sleep surfaces, and preventing the creation of peaks and valleys.


McRoskey Innerspring - the heart of the mattress

The McRoskey steel innerspring unit is the heart of our mattresses. We form our own responsive coils, then lace, reinforce, and heat-treat them so they respond and contour to your body for unparalleled support. Our innerspring unit is so unique and so comfortable, that we patented it in the 1950's and we continue to improve on it.


Flexible Edge Support
McRoskey's flexible edge uses proprietary helical wire to provide a comfortable sitting surface. This is a mechanical system that will not break down over time and ensures that the mattress is comfortable from edge to edge. The flexible edges also make our mattresses ideal for adjustable, rollaway and sofa beds.


Box Spring
We still make a true box spring to relieve pressure. The McRoskey box spring contains steel coils, links, cross ties and framing wire surrounded by wood from spruce, pine or fir trees. We continue to believe that a properly made box spring makes up 50% of the comfort equation.


Why McRoskey?

McRoskey Mattress Co. offers quality craftsmanship, straightforward pricing and comfort choices, personalized customer service, and a non-prorated ten year warranty to ensure that you get the best night's sleep year after year. We continue to celebrate traditional craftsmanship in our factory because we believe it results in an overall superior comfort on a more durable mattress.


We're so proud of our factory and our craftspeople, we are open to the public.

Contact us using the form below, email or call 415.874.7521 to schedule a tour. Print a copy of the factory tour information sheet.

During the McRoskey Factory Tour, you’ll visit the production and assembly rooms of San Francisco’s only handcrafted mattress manufacturer. Watch our makers in action, building and bringing together the components that deliver lasting comfort. Ask questions, see and touch the materials, and learn the secrets of the brand that’s kept San Francisco sleeping soundly since 1899. Then lie down and test one of our premium mattresses!

When you’re done, stroll the vibrant Dogpatch neighborhood to visit fellow SFMade manufacturers like Sutton Cellars, Harmonic Brewing, Poco Dolce Confections, Rickshaw Bagworks, and more.